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ACS Global Phagwara: Your Gateway to Educational Excellence and Seamless Visa Solutions

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Nestled on the 1st floor of Maya Tower in New Hargobind Nagar, Phagwara, ACS Global has been a trailblazer in educational recruitment for over five years. Specializing in study visas, PR applications, work permits, and now, expertly navigating tourist visa applications, ACS Global is synonymous with excellence and innovation in the educational consultancy sector.

Years of Experience:

Boasting a wealth of experience exceeding 5 years, ACS Global has earned a reputation as a reliable partner for individuals aspiring to pursue education and travel abroad. The company’s expertise extends to intricate processes such as study visa applications, PR permits, work permits, and now, seamless handling of tourist visa applications.

Commitment to Excellence:

ACS Global not only guides clients towards fulfilling educational experiences but also prides itself on its ability to cater to the diverse needs of travelers seeking tourist visas. The company’s commitment to excellence is exemplified in its holistic approach, ensuring clients receive not only the necessary documentation support but also valuable insights to enhance their global perspectives.

Services Offered:

Study Visa Applications: ACS Global’s team of experts ensures a smooth process from documentation to interviews, making international education dreams a reality.

PR Applications: With extensive experience, ACS Global provides clients with the right guidance and support to successfully secure Permanent Residency permits.

Work Permits: Staying ahead of the evolving global job market, ACS Global assists clients in navigating work permit applications with tailored services.

Tourist Visa Applications: ACS Global’s expertise now extends to handling tourist visa applications. The company thoroughly reviews applications and leverages its connections to facilitate the approval process, ensuring clients can explore destinations with ease.

Global Reach and Relations:

ACS Global goes beyond borders, demonstrating its commitment to facilitating travel and education worldwide. The company leverages its extensive network and good relations with universities and countries to open doors to education and opportunities. Whether clients face visa refusals or aspire to explore new destinations, ACS Global’s ties with institutions and countries play a pivotal role in securing approvals.


In the dynamic landscape of educational recruitment and visa solutions, ACS Global Phagwara continues to stand as a distinguished leader. With its commitment to excellence, the company not only guides individuals toward fulfilling educational experiences but now also facilitates seamless tourist visa applications. ACS Global is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities, ensuring clients can embark on their international education and travel journeys with confidence and ease.

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