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AJOONI Storage Systems is now selling industrial-grade heavy-duty storage racks

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AJOONI Storage Systems, a leading manufacturer of industrial storage solutions, has made a significant announcement regarding the introduction of its heavy-duty storage racks. The brand-new pallet racks have a long lifespan and are designed to withstand the demands of regular industrial use. The introduction of these heavy-duty pallet storage racks exemplifies the company’s determination to offer its clients the best storage racking options.

High-strength steel was used to construct the brand-new heavy-duty industrial storage racks, which are renowned for their wear resistance and tensile strength. These shelving racks are also more durable because they are built with sturdy materials. This heavy-duty warehouse racking system is able to withstand the rigors of daily use in industrial settings where it is subjected to heavy loads, frequent movement, and harsh conditions due to the combination of strong steel and heavy-duty components. These sturdy industrial storage racks are also easy to use thanks to AJOONI Storage Systems attention to detail. They are a viable option for any industrial storage system because they are made to be easy to set up and use. The pallet racking system is adaptable and simple to modify so that it can hold items of a variety of sizes and shapes.

Due to their adaptability, they are the best option for businesses that need to store a variety of items, including larger, more heavy equipment and smaller, more delicate components. The wide aisles of these high-rise palletized racks make it simple to load and unload items, and the design is suitable for forklifts, making it simple to handle heavy items.

Heavy machinery, raw materials, unfinished goods, and other items can all be stored on the AJOONI Storage Systems warehouse pallet racking. Customers can rest assured that the items they store are safe because these heavy duty racks are constructed to withstand even the heaviest loads.

In addition to introducing these sturdy storage pallet racks, AJOONI Storage Systems is pleased to support Defianz Racing, a global student initiative run by DTU for research into Formula Racing Cars.

In addition, the business was honored with the Skoch Award for Entrepreneur of the Year and the Skoch Award for India’s Best SME in the Storage Racks Industry in 2016.

Leading companies like Sirca Paints, LeGrand, Denso, Minda, TPR Autoparts, and Escorts rely on AJOONI Storage Systems, manufacturers of pallet racks, to provide innovative and dependable storage solutions.

Visit the websites of AJOONI Storage Systems  www.racking.in or www.ajooni.co.in to learn more about the company and its heavy-duty storage racks.

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