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Bansal Hospital: Sirsa’s Most Trusted IVF and EYE Care Centre

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Bansal Hospital, with a rich legacy spanning 45 years, stands as a symbol of unwavering dedication to healthcare excellence in Sirsa. Founded by the visionary duo, Dr. M.R. Bansal and Dr. Promila Bansal, the hospital has evolved into a multidisciplinary healthcare institution offering state-of-the-art services in eye care, infertility treatment, and obstetrics and gynaecology. This article delves into the hospital’s journey, milestones, and its ongoing commitment to fostering health and wellness in the community.

From its early days, Bansal Hospital has been a trailblazer in healthcare innovation. The introduction of the first ultrasound center in Haryana revolutionized diagnostic capabilities, setting a precedent for advanced medical services in the region. The hospital’s pioneering role in laparoscopy services further underscored its commitment to embracing innovative techniques for patient care. In 2008, painless deliveries through epidural analgesia became a reality at Bansal Hospital, marking a significant advancement in gynaecological services. The subsequent introduction of modern infertility management techniques, including Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), in 2010 solidified the hospital’s reputation as a center of excellence.

Bansal Hospital’s pursuit of excellence has been acknowledged through various accolades and accreditations. The NABH accreditation for its IVF Centre in 2010 not only recognized the hospital’s commitment to quality but also positioned it as a standard-bearer for reproductive healthcare in Sirsa.

The addition of Dr. Mahip Bansal in 2012 marked a pivotal moment in the hospital’s journey, particularly in the realm of eye care. Dr. Mahip Bansal’s dedication to advancing technology in this field is reflected in the hospital’s continuous upgrades, making it a hub for cutting-edge refractive surgery. His involvement in state and national conferences, where he has performed live surgeries, showcases a commitment to knowledge dissemination and staying at the forefront of eye care advancements.

Bansal Hospital extends its impact beyond the confines of its facilities through robust community engagement initiatives. Collaborating with the Hanumant Foundation since 2008, the hospital has been organizing regular eye camps, providing free surgeries to approximately 400 individuals annually. Dr. Mahip Bansal’s altruistic initiative of performing over 400 free cataract surgeries each year further demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of the underserved.

As Bansal Hospital celebrates 45 years of service, it continues to evolve, guided by a commitment to compassionate, accessible, and advanced healthcare. The hospital’s founders, along with subsequent generations, have fostered a culture of continuous learning and improvement, ensuring that the community receives the best possible care. In the years to come, Bansal Hospital remains dedicated to its mission of nurturing health and wellness, contributing to the overall well-being of the people it serves.

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