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BJP Wins Big In Gujarat

by Nidhi
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The much-awaited results of the Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat elections are finally out and it is a win for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Gujarat. The BJP has managed to retain power in Gujarat for the Seventh consecutive time, winning over 150 seats ( one of the biggest wins for the BJP In any state) seats in the 182-seat Assembly. In Himachal Pradesh, the Congress has finally achieved a victory in a big state by winning won 39 seats in the 68-seat Assembly.

It was a big fight in Gujarat, with the AAP barely working hard to make a mark in Gujarat which has been the hub of BJP for more than 20 years. The AAP has opened its account in Gujarat by winning 5 seats. Congress did a worse job if we compared it with the last election result. The Congress has managed to secure only 16 seats. Many people are also saying that Congress only won in Himachal because of the way people vote there. There has always been a change of power in Himachal Pradesh in almost every election.

This is a big win for the BJP and especially for the morale of its candidates who know will work even harder with much more optimism for the 2024 general elections. It is to be seen if this result makes any difference to the 2024 elections or not. But one thing is sure BJP knows how to win and retain power.

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