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Bomb Scare On SpiceJet Plane

by Nidhi
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Bomb threats on airplanes have always been one of the most serious problems faced by airlines. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of such threats, and this is a matter of grave concern for the aviation industry. In today’s ever-volatile and insecure world, it is important to take extra security measures to make sure that air travel is safe and secure. The airline industry has taken several steps over the years to make sure that passengers are safe while they are traveling and that their journey is not disrupted due to such threats. Not only the airline industry, but the governments of different countries are also keeping a close watch on aircraft security. They have implemented stringent security protocols, including enhanced passenger identification and the use of advanced technologies like biometrics.

In an incident, a SpiceJet flight was supposed to take off from Delhi Airport at 6.30 pm. The flight was to take from Delhi to Pune. On receiving the call about the bomb threat, the airline officials halted the boarding and called the bomb squad. Fortunately, nothing suspicious was found on the aircraft. The police are investigating if it was a hoax call or not. Though no concrete evidence of a real bomb was found in this case, these kinds of threats are still taken very seriously by the airlines and relevant authorities. The fact that such an incident happened today is evidence enough that it is important to stay vigilant and maintain the highest levels of security measures.

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