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Deadly Earthquake Hits Turkey & Syria

by Nidhi
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Earthquakes can be a devastating phenomenon. Here at the start of 2023, Monday was a tragic reminder of the power of these natural disasters. A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the area of Turkey and Syria, leveling hundreds of buildings and leaving more than 3000 people dead (till now). In addition, thousands of people are believed to be trapped under rubble, with the death toll expected to rise even further as search and rescue operations continue.

The initial quake and subsequent aftershocks of again more than 7 on the seismic scale have sent shock waves through the local area and the world. It’s horrible to see these disasters occurring in close succession these days.

People are looking for ways to help the affected Turkey and Syria, and many countries have been offering their support and assistance during this difficult time. Earthquakes can be terrifying, as natural disasters often can be, which is why we must stay informed of the latest safety tips and emergency planning measures. Learning more about natural disasters and how to stay safe can help you prepare for anything. To start, be sure to understand what type of natural disaster you are dealing with.

For earthquakes, the primary danger is related to the shaking caused by sudden shifts in the Earth’s tectonic plates. During this shaking, the main goal is to stay as safe as possible, and if indoors, to get underneath something sturdy like a desk or table and hold on until the shaking stops.

When outdoors, it is important to make sure you are in an open area and away from power lines or any tall buildings or trees that could fall due to the quake. It is also important to stay informed of possible aftershocks that could occur as they can be just as destructive and should be treated with the same safety measures.

In the case of an earthquake emergency, it is best to have an evacuation plan with your family and stay tuned in to emergency alerts and warnings. Taking the time to learn more about emergency preparedness and staying informed can help you make informed decisions when disaster strikes.

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