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Is an Employee Commute Solution the Future?

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A typical workday for a modern employee is all about deadlines, meetings, team projects, and the time spent, stressful commuting to work. While the new hybrid work model or sometimes working from home  has offered some relief, fewer days of struggling with traffic jams and rush hour traffic.

But what about the times when employees have to do remote working? Or when they have to work shifts that change often or travel to meet clients? It is not a good way to start their work day to look for public transit systems or wait at crowded stops.

This is a waste of time and can have a big impact on their work and mood. So, it makes sense for companies to switch to ways for workers to get to work that are more automated.

Since employee commute management can be a complex task for managers, an employee commute solution takes on the tasks effortlessly.

In future commuting, employees will use an automated system to get to work. This system will handle the whole process. It makes sure that workers are safe, plans routes, and finds the best way to use the least amount of fuel.

Challenges of Employee Commute

It is frustrating to have to commute every day. But the uncertainty that comes with it makes it even more stressful for most employees. When people use public transportation as a commuting option to get to work, they don’t know when the pick-up will happen.

Even for employees with office provided transportation perks, longer commute times can consume a significant portion of their morning. Not to mention, offices with multiple and late-night shifts raise concerns about employee safety.

Safe to say, employees’ frustration with the commute is not misplaced, as it can lead to-

  • Reduced productivity
  • Work stress
  • Missed workdays
  • Poor time management
  • Higher attrition rate
  • Longer travel hours
  • Higher costs
  • Loss of revenue for businesses

Businesses and employees benefit from employee commute solutions because they reduce costs and increase productivity.

Here are some of the features that employee commute solutions will make it easier for employees to get to work in the future.

Features of Employee Commute Solution:

1. Real-Time Tracking

Get real-time GPS tracking features with an employee commute solution. The feature allows you to track your fleet location and check the routes it is operating on.

This allows you to optimize your fleet efficiency with better route planning and ensure your employees’ maximum safety. GPS tracking allows you to take immediate action in case of unauthorized use, unscheduled stops, and overspeeding.

2. Self-Scheduling

By making employee commute solutions a part of your transportation workflow, you give your employees the convenience of planning their commute.

The employee commute solution comes with a self-scheduling feature. A single sign-in allows your employees to book a trip in advance, whether they work late shifts or hybrid shifts.

The employee engagement system also makes cancellations super-easy so that you can reduce no-shows. Moreover, the employee commute solution lets managers initiate bulk bookings, reducing the hassle of managing high employee bookings manually.

3. Automated Routing

Planning the best route for your employee transportation fleet while considering their needs, travel time, and cost can be complex. But not with an employee commute solution.

The automated routing feature is perfect for large teams with multiple shifts, routes, and drop-off locations.

It created zone-wise routes based on previous trips and employee feedback, allowing you to plan more back-to-back trips.

This way, you can also enjoy higher cost savings as the routes are best optimized for better use of  fuel.

4. Billing and Vendor Management

Data entry and paperwork are still very important for managing your vendor performance, driver records, arrival times, and payments.You might only sometimes have the information ready to improve your transport operations.

But an employee commute solution automates your vendor management for enhanced fleet performance. You can measure vendor performance, check employee ratings, and use the automated billing system to make it a hassle-free experience.

5. Customized Reporting

An employee commute solution helps you to improve the performance of your fleet and make your employees happier to have flexible working. Manual systems are highly inefficient, so a commute solution saves you time and money.

With an employee commute solution, you can generate customized reports based on the key metrics you want to track. Fuel consumption, employee schedules, on-time arrival reports, seats, driver delays, travel time, and more will all be readily accessible.

6. Security System

Security is one of the most important parts of making it easy for employees to get to work. You must care about your team’s safety if you want them to have the best commute possible.

An employee commute solution has a central security dashboard with alert buttons for various emergencies.

The security system tracks emergencies like SOS, unexpected vehicle stoppage, geofence violations, and speeding. With an employee commute solution, you can rest assured that your employees commute safely to and from work.

The Bottom Line

An employee commute solution will completely digitize the way employees get to and from work in the future, with a focus on safety, ease of use, and shorter travel times. As employees’ expectations rise, companies that embrace technology will be the ones that can keep their employees for a long time.

Are you looking for a comprehensive commute solution for your workplace? Check out MoveInSync’s employee commute solution.

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