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Nuclear Icebreakers Of The Arctic By Russia

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Two nuclear-powered icebreakers were launched and hoisted at St. Petersburg under the direct supervision of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who declared that such icebreakers were of “strategic importance.” As the Arctic region becomes more accessible due to climate change, neighboring nations are racing to strengthen their forces.

Why is the presence of Russian icebreakers important?

At the launch ceremony, Mr. Putin stated that both icebreakers were sent as part of a massive, planned effort to restock and equip domestic icebreakers to enhance Russia’s standing as a “great Arctic power.” 
The Arktika and Sibir are already in use, and they are both similar ships. Russia has updated its capabilities and revived many Arctic military sites from the Soviet period in the previous 20 years. Mr. Putin discussed the significance of the Northern Sea Route, which, in comparison to the present route via the Suez Canal, shortens the travel time to Asia by up to two weeks.

Why are nations rushing to access the Arctic region?

The Nations have been racing toward the Arctic region to improve their capacities and make effort to be prepared to take advantage of the melting Arctic region. Other Arctic countries have been involved with Russian military in the region. The Arctic, unlike Antarctica, does not contribute to the issue by being a global problem for the world.

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