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The AAP’s Campaign Slogan For The Election Is “Ek Mauka Kejriwal ko.”

by Nidhi
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Aam Aadmi Party candidate Praveen Kasana went from door to door with his hands folded, touching the feet of seniors while making only one request: “Ek mauka Arvind Kejriwal ko in the MCD elections. We have worked for the Delhi government and will also continue to do the same work under the MCD,  we don’t make false promises. “Ik mauka Dena Kejriwal nu,” the AAP’s Punjab election slogan, served as the inspiration for the “Ek mauka” campaign, in which the party was nominated in the earlier-held Assembly election and won with a strong majority.

The people complained about many things to the Aam Aadmi Party like lack of parking space, waterlogging, and overflowing sewage is major concerns. The party workers pleased front the people to vote for AAP, Rajni Sharma, a 50-year-old housewife, asked if we vote for Aam Aadmi Party but if they will not fulfill their promise and we have to run behind them for our work then who will take this responsibility, in return the party worker said that punish us if we don’t work.

Some people are not that happy with the work done by the BJP local counselor and they will vote for Aam Aadmi Party as a sign of protest. Other people are saying that they are happy with the work done by the BJP leaders and say that Modi Ji’s face automatically brought a smile to their faces while casting vote for them. A large number of people will vote from the ward of Sundar Nagari, Tahirpur, and Kheda Gaon, said by the people to the APP’s workers.

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