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Top 10 e-commerce websites for lab grown diamonds in India

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We have heard and learned a lot about lab grown diamonds. But, what are the trusted websites to buy your favorite stuff from? Do not worry, as we are here for you. The top ten Indian e-commerce sites for lab-grown diamonds are as follows:

  1. Emori

In the Indian market for lab-grown diamonds, Emori has made a name for itself. Head-quartered in Gurgaon, the brand is renowned for both its superb selection and superior customer experience and currently holds a 5-star rating on Google. Emori offers customers a wide selection of catalog along with a user-friendly website, and budget conscious pricing. Emori also offers customer friendly policies like 100% certified products, free shipping, 30 day free return, and lifetime exchange. Its key product categories include engagement rings for men and women, pendants, earrings, and necklaces.

  1. Fiona diamonds

Fiona diamonds is recognised for its extensive collection of over 3000 designs and their offline centres, which provide a massive stock that is ready to ship. Fiona is distinguished by its expert craftsmanship. The platform provides a range of choices for customers that value sustainability and beauty equally. As one of the early movers in this space, Fiona enjoys customer loyalty and has served over 5000 customers till date.

  1. House of Quadri

House of Quadri is known for its designer and contemporary designs, especially rings and earrings. The brand caters to young Indian women who are modern and fashion forward. The look and feel of the brand is happy and young. Their collection is limited to designer pieces, each of which will appeal to you. HOQ offers exquisite, made-to-order jewelry with only the best human-created diamonds in the world.

  1. Avtaara

One of the earliest brands in the lab grown space in India, Avtaara, is known for its customization and quality. The website offers a carefully chosen assortment of lab-grown diamond jewellery.

  1. Jewel Box

Jewel Box offers a wide selection of designs that are lightweight and budget friendly. It boasts one of the largest collections of lab grown diamond pendants among all the competitors. The platform sources its wide range of lab-grown diamonds carefully, following the strictest guidelines for social and environmental responsibility. Jewel Box’s website offers customers all the details needed to make an informed purchase decision when buying expensive jewellery.

  1. Limelight diamonds

Limelight is globally the first exclusive lab grown diamond jewellery brand to be certified as ESG+ compliant. Started in 2019 and headquartered in Mumbai, Limelight has a vast offline presence through 65+ franchise stores along with an online channel. Multiple celebrity endorsements have helped Limelight become popular among its customers. You can be assured that every piece of jewellery purchased from their platform has been made by following the strictest guidelines for social and environmental responsibility.

  1. Avira

Avira Diamonds sets itself apart with a stunning line of lab grown diamond jewellery that is beautifully made to capture the splendour of nature. Headquartered in Chennai, Avira caters to five main product categories: earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces. Founded in 2021, Avira stands as a pillar of serenity and quality in the field of lab diamond jewellery.

  1. DiAi design

DiAi Designs understands the modern woman’s aesthetic and crafts every piece with the utmost intricacy. They claim to handpick the best quality and cut diamonds. Their pieces are timeless, so you can wear them today and forever. DiAi is one of the only platforms that offers 10kt gold options to its customers, along with 14kt and 18kt, which are more commonly available. DiAi platform has one of the largest collections of necklaces among the lab grown websites in India.

  1. Wondr diamonds

Wondr Diamonds is a globally inspired jewellery brand that embodies designs that reflect the strength and femininity of women who are brave and have the courage to change the world bit by bit everyday. Designed for women from all walks of life, Wondr Diamonds has jewellery that would appeal to all women across age groups and demographics.

  1. Maiora

Found in 2020, Maiora diamonds is a true example of sustainable practices. They plan to plant one tree for every lab diamond sold and ensure jewellery artisans get fair wages. For the customers, they ensure customer friendly return, exchange, and upgrade policies to ensure customers get the most return from their money spent.


The top ten lab-grown diamond e-commerce sites in India provide customers with a wide range of morally sound options. Among these platforms, brands like Emori and Avira are seeing fast growth due to their customer friendly policies, wide catalogue, and dedication to providing high quality jewellery pieces. However, given that this space is fast growing, we expect many more players to come quickly to give customers more options to purchase their stunning jewelry from.

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