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Using Tissue Paper to Soak Oil from Fried Foods? Experts Warn Against It

by Ayushi Veda
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Using tissue paper to soak excess oil from fried foods may seem like a common practice, but according to experts, it might not be the most effective method. In fact, some argue that using tissue paper for this purpose could be counterproductive.

One of the primary reasons tissue paper is not recommended for soaking oil from fried foods is its inability to regulate moisture effectively. Unlike paper towels or blotting papers specifically designed for absorbing oil, tissue paper lacks the absorbency and durability needed to effectively remove excess oil from fried foods.

Additionally, tissue paper is often treated with chemicals and fragrances that can transfer to the food, potentially altering its taste and quality. This can be particularly concerning when dealing with delicate flavors or high-quality ingredients, as the presence of foreign substances can compromise the overall dining experience.

Moreover, using tissue paper for oil absorption may pose health risks, as the paper can break apart and leave behind small particles that could be ingested. This is especially problematic when dealing with hot or greasy foods, as the heat and oil can further degrade the integrity of the tissue paper, increasing the likelihood of contamination.

Instead of relying on tissue paper, experts recommend using paper towels or blotting papers specifically designed for oil absorption. These products are made from materials that are better suited for the task, offering greater absorbency and durability. Additionally, they are typically free from chemicals and fragrances, minimizing the risk of flavor contamination.

When blotting excess oil from fried foods, it’s important to do so immediately after cooking to prevent the oil from being reabsorbed. Simply place the fried foods on a paper towel or blotting paper and gently press down to remove any excess oil. Repeat the process as needed until the desired level of oiliness is achieved.

By using the appropriate materials for oil absorption, individuals can ensure that their fried foods are not only less greasy but also safer and more enjoyable to eat. So the next time you’re tempted to reach for the tissue paper, consider opting for a more effective and food-safe alternative instead.

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