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Xi Jinping Secures The Position Of President Third Time

by Nidhi
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On Friday, China’s parliament approved a third term for Xi Jinping as the president of China, solidifying his position as one of the most influential leaders in the country’s history. Since he rose to power, Xi Jinping has taken measures that have greatly increased his authority, making him the longest-serving head of state of Communist China since its establishment in 1949.

The approval by China’s parliament is a significant step for Xi Jinping, as the presidency is considered a symbolic position in China, with the real power lying with the head of the party and the military. Despite this, Xi Jinping’s rise to power has allowed him to exert a considerable amount of influence, making him one of the most powerful leaders in the country. Xi Jinping’s third term as president is expected to further solidify his position, as he continues to implement policies that align with his vision for China’s future.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) holds elections in which only its members are eligible to participate. These elections serve as a formality to legitimize the CCP’s grip on power, rather than as a genuine exercise of democracy. During the election process, the CCP leadership handpicks a slate of candidates, who are then rubber-stamped by the party members. There is no competition or opposition in these elections, and the outcome is predetermined by the CCP’s top leaders.

In communist China, the highest positions of power are not determined through popular vote, but rather through the CCP’s internal processes of selection and promotion and its internal politics. A good amount of power resides in the positions of head of the party and military, rather than in the presidency according to many political thinkers around the world.

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