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Amogue Raised an Undisclosed Sum of Money to Support its Pan-Indian Growth

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Amogue, a clothing company headquartered in Jaipur, collected money from its angel investors to expand its franchise network in the upcoming years.

Amogue plans to introduce a new line of products and use the funding to grow its brand across India. Additionally, it will spend money on creating more franchises in different cities.

Previously Amogue has been funded by the Rajasthan government, though the exact quantity of the funds is still unknown.

The idea is to focus on developing clothing options for Indians maintaining premium clothing at affordable pricing.

“In less than 4 years of operation, Amogue has helped many people find work and gone from borrowing four narrow jackets to keeping 2 lakh+ SKUs.” Said Gautam Bhatheja, Co-Founder of Amogue

Amogue offers a variety of ethnic wear collections as well as premium-quality, reasonably-priced clothing for men.

The idea for Amogue came from Gautam Bhatheja. With the help of Shyam Agrawal and Vijay Rolen, an AI-based shopping assistant application that was originally intended was transformed into a line of ethnic clothing for men. It will unveil its original concept for a personalised shopping app powered by AI by the end of this year in its EBOs.

“We experienced a sizable setback during the COVID-19 pandemic, just like many other companies. We were able to recover, though, by introducing our Loungewear collections, which turned out to be a huge success. Even during strict lockdowns, we were able to produce good sales. Thanks to this invention, which was completed on schedule, we were able to expand up to our present level of success. By the end of FY 23, we hope to have eight EBO franchises stored, up from the current two. We already offer exclusive designer styles ranging from bedroom to groom room, so there is no need to add new products, so we will concentrate on maximizing our sales growth through our own websites and expanding our distribution network to other states. Instead, we will focus on maximizing our online sales growth and extending our distribution network to new states. We want to become the industry leader in men’s ethnic clothing by 2027, providing top-notch clothing at competitive prices.” – Said Gautam

You can visit their website : www.amogue.com

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