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And Its A Win For RRR On The Golden Globe!

by Nidhi
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When the popular director Rajamouli released his latest magnum opus, RRR, the expectations were enormous. It was a labor of love, a tribute to the dynamism and energy of the Indian freedom struggle, dissecting and embracing its cultural richness. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the people of India connected with it in a deep and meaningful way, eventually elevating it to the status of a cult classic in Indian cinema. What is more, at the 80th Golden Globe Awards ceremony held on 11th January, RRR achieved what not many Indian films have managed to date – it won the Best Original Song category for its iconic track, ‘Naatu Naatu’. Music director MM Keeravani was there to collect the award and this win was greeted by an outpour of universal love from every nook and corner of the Indian film industry and the entire country.

From Salman Khan to the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, everyone congratulated the winning team and shared their joy on social media. The win of the Best Original Song was a testament to the skill and artistry of RRR’s music. However, what was most impressive was the fact that the movie was also in the running for the Best Non-English category, but unfortunately didn’t win the award. Still, that shouldn’t take away anything from the accomplishment, the Golden Globe Award is indeed a big deal, and to win a much-coveted award at the ceremony is a milestone that any filmmaker or movie can only wish for. RRR has done the country proud and has, once again, managed to cement India’s reputation in the film world.

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