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Chandra Mohan: Telugu Cinema Loses a Versatile Gem

by Sana Gori
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Chandra Mohan

Chandra Mohan: Telugu Film Industry Mourns the Demise

Telugu cinema stalwart Chandra Mohan, aged 82, breathed his last on November 11 at Hyderabad’s Apollo Hospital following a cardiac arrest. The actor, survived by his wife and two daughters, had been undergoing treatment for heart-related issues.

Chandra Mohan: A Storied Career

Chandra Mohan, born on May 23, 1943, marked his entry into Telugu cinema in 1966 with “Rangula Ratnam.” In his illustrious career spanning 932 films, he portrayed lead roles in 150. His versatile acting skills left an indelible mark on the industry, with notable contributions to films like ‘Shankarabharanam,’ ‘Seethaamalakshmi,’ ‘Padaharella Vayasu,’ ‘Siri Siri Muvva,’ and ‘Chandamama Raave.’

 Chandra Mohan

Chiranjeevi’s Emotional Tribute

Megastar Chiranjeevi expressed profound grief, remembering Chandramohan’s indelible impact on Telugu cinema. Recalling their friendship since Chiranjeevi’s debut film, he paid homage to the versatile actor, describing it as a personal loss.

Jr NTR’s Untimely Demise Note

Actor Jr NTR lamented the untimely death of Chandra Mohan, acknowledging his decades-long contribution to the film industry. Offering condolences to the late actor’s family, Jr NTR emphasized Chandra Mohan’s special recognition for diverse roles.

Sai Tej Dharam’s Fond Remembrance

Sai Tej Dharam fondly remembered Chandra Mohan’s memorable characters, expressing sorrow at the loss. He characterized Chandra Mohan’s face as a source of nostalgia, evoking smiles with each remembered performance.

Sampath Nandi’s Enriching Experience

Director Sampath Nandi, who had the privilege of working with Chandra Mohan in ‘#GauthamNanda,’ shared his deep sense of loss. He described the actor’s contribution to cinema as enriching, highlighting the treasure trove of conversations they had during their collaboration.

Aadi Saikumar’s Tribute

Actor Aadi Saikumar expressed deep sorrow at Chandra Mohan’s passing, emphasizing his remarkable personality. Offering condolences to the grieving family, he wished for the eternal peace of Chandra Mohan’s soul.

Chandra Mohan’s: Legacy

Born on 23rd May 1943, Chandra Mohan made his cinematic debut with ‘Rangula Ratnam’ in 1966. With 932 films to his credit, including ‘Shankarabharanam,’ ‘Seethaamalakshmi,’ and ‘Padaharella Vayasu,’ he left an indelible mark on Telugu cinema. The actor received 2 Nandi Awards and one Filmfare Award South for his outstanding contributions.

Chandra Mohan’s final farewell and last rites are scheduled for 13th November in Hyderabad, marking the end of an era in Telugu cinema. May his soul rest in peace.

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