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China Allows Foreign Tourists In Years After The Pandemic Outbreak

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China has recently announced a major step towards reviving its economy, by allowing foreign tourists from all countries including India, to enter the country for the first time in three years. Additionally, China is set to resume issuing various categories of visas from March 15, which is expected to further bolster tourism and business activities.

This decision comes as China considers having a victory against Covid-19 and downgraded lockdown protocols earlier this year. As the pandemic situation has improved, the country is looking to reopen its borders to foreign tourists and investors, thereby boosting its tourism and business sectors.

The announcement has been welcomed by the travel and hospitality industry, which was severely impacted by the pandemic-induced travel restrictions and lockdowns. The move is expected to rekindle the country’s economy, which suffered one of its slowest rates of growth in nearly half a century last year.
The resumption of visa services will benefit not only tourists but also businessmen, students, and other professionals who wish to visit China for various purposes.

This move is expected to increase business activities and attract foreign investment, which will further stimulate the country’s economy. China is renowned for its rich culture, diverse landscapes, and historical landmarks, which have always been major attractions for foreign tourists. With the reopening of its borders, the country is expected to see a surge in tourist footfall, thereby helping the tourism industry to bounce back and generate employment opportunities.

Many people may have some fear while visiting the country due to it being the epicenter of the pandemic but with time, more and more people will be comfortable visiting the country. China’s decision to open its borders and resume visa services is a welcome move for the travel and hospitality industry and is expected to provide a much-needed boost to the country’s economy.

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