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Delhi Freezes In Cold Wave

by Nidhi
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Cold winds and fog conditions have been prevailing in the northern parts of India, especially in the capital city of New Delhi. The weather department has reported that the minimum temperature recorded in Delhi on Sunday was 1.9 degrees Celsius. Another area in Delhi saw a dip in temperatures and recorded a minimum temperature of around 2.5 degrees Celsius. The chilly winds and fog have also reduced visibility, covering the region in a thick blanket of fog. This cold wave has disrupted the normal functioning of the city and its adjacent states; hundreds of trains have been delayed due to heavy fog and low visibility.

Winter can be an ideal time to enjoy the alluring beauty of Delhi; however, the cold wave has been a major hindrance to the experience for tourists, who have to bear the effects of chilling winds and blinding fog. The residents of the national capital too are facing difficulties and are bundling up for protection. Air pollution due to the rising number of vehicles has made the situation worse in Delhi. In the wake of the cold wave, people are taking precautionary measures to keep themselves warm. Wearing warm clothes, drinking hot water, and avoiding outdoor activities are some of the best steps that people can take to shield themselves from the cold. They should also avoid going out in foggy conditions and opt for alternate routes wherever possible.

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