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Gaurav Dewasi, a Telecom Manager -turned-actor par excellence

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We all want to be successful and conquer the world but very few of us could set our goals and achieve them.While many of us lose our dreams to the harsh reality of the world, a 25-year-old has turned the wheel of time in His favour and earned His self a place wHere many just desire to reach.Gaurav Dewasi is a popular name from the Telecom industry who at such a young age tasted success and still aspire to establish His self as a leading movie star.The fashion blogger, instagram influencer, from Kothar , Pali ,Rajasthan, Gaurav Dewasi , is elucidating His multitasking phenomenally.With His influential persona this youngest, finest, and leading model has wonderfully manifested His dreams and is soon to take over the Indian cinema with His charming personality.Hailing from a small Village of Rajasthan, Kothar,Pali , Gaurav with his sharp mind has reached the pinnacle of success.

In His Nine years of Acting career Gaurav has worked with many leading brands and has also given his performances in Rajasthani cinema and has appeared in many Theatre films and videos. Gaurav with his hardworking and right attitude has set an example for many youngsters who want to turn their dreams into reality but lack the courage to follow the rough road to the success.Talking about His movie career he has signed Eight Indian films which is student life,fear face,riti riwaj,pathan,vachan,Hamara swabhiman amar rahe ,prem thi jovo etc .We wish this young star all the very best for His future endeavours and hope he keeps shining bright and keeps inspiring His fans with His unbreakable spirit.




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