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Google’s Inactive Account Cleanup: What You Must Know

by Sana Gori
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Under Google’s updated inactive account policy, which was initially announced in May, accounts that have been dormant for at least two years could face deletion. The tech giant is set to implement this policy starting this December. If you have a Google account that falls under the category of “inactive,” it’s crucial to take action before the end of the week to prevent potential deletion.

Why Google Is Deleting Inactive Accounts

The primary reason behind Google’s initiative to delete inactive accounts is rooted in security concerns. Inactive accounts, especially those left untouched for an extended period, are more susceptible to compromise. Google highlights that these “forgotten or unattended accounts” often have outdated passwords, lack two-factor authentication, and undergo fewer security checks. The potential risks associated with such accounts include spamming, malicious content usage, and identity theft.

Google's Inactive Account

Preventing Deletion: What You Need to Do

To safeguard your Google account from deletion, the simplest and most effective action is to sign in at least once every two years. Additionally, engaging in activities such as sending or scrolling through emails, using Google search, watching YouTube videos (while signed in), and managing existing subscriptions can contribute to maintaining account activity. Users relying on Google Photos are advised to sign in periodically to prevent the deletion of stored images after two years of inactivity.

Preserving Data and Account Management Tools

Apart from keeping your account active, Google provides tools to manage and back up your data. Google Takeout enables users to download and export account data outside the platform at any time. The Inactive Account Manager allows you to specify actions for your account and data in case of inactivity, such as sending select files to trusted contacts or opting for account deletion. Google’s online policy outlines procedures for handling the accounts of deceased users and encourages users to provide and update a recovery email for effective communication.

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