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Alarming Surge: Odisha Leads in Cybercrimes Against Women in 2022

by Sana Gori
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Odisha, a state in India, has garnered the unfortunate distinction of reporting the highest number of cybercrimes against women in the country for the year 2022, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Disturbing Statistics: 542 Cases Highlight Cyber Threats

In a concerning revelation, Odisha recorded a staggering 542 cases of cybercrimes against women in 2022, outpacing all other states in India. The NCRB report detailed the nature of these offenses, shedding light on the prevalent threats in the digital landscape.

Within the spectrum of cybercrimes, Odisha also emerged as the second-highest state for cases involving the publishing or transmission of sexually explicit material. Uttar Pradesh secured the top spot, with 450 reported cyber pornography crimes against 455 women.

Odisha Leads in Cybercrimes Against Women

The NCRB report further delineated the types of cybercrimes reported in Odisha. Of the 542 cases, 269 were related to the dissemination of sexually explicit material, while the remaining 273 encompassed various offenses such as blackmail, defamation, morphing, and the creation of fake profiles.

Beyond cybercrimes, Odisha faced another grim reality, topping the nation in human trafficking cases in 2022. The state recorded a distressing 1,120 victims, including 502 women. The report underscored the severity of the issue, particularly concerning individuals below the age of 18.

The NCRB report highlighted a surge in crimes against children and senior citizens in Odisha. Instances of crime against children rose to 8,240 in 2022, with a notable increase from the previous years. Simultaneously, crimes against senior citizens more than doubled from 210 in 2021 to 551 in 2022.

The report delved into the political landscape, revealing that Odisha ranked second in the country for murders stemming from political rivalry, trailing behind Jharkhand. Additionally, the state reported 224 cases of riots related to political rivalry, marking the second-highest figure after Kerala in 2022.

Corruption Concerns: Disproportionate Asset Cases

Odisha faced another disconcerting statistic, leading the nation with 85 cases related to disproportionate assets against corrupt public servants in 2022. Karnataka and Bihar secured the second and third positions, respectively.

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