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Herzog Visits Bahrain As The First Israel President

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Israel President

The first tour by an Israel head of state to the tiny Gulf nation is made by Israel President Isaac Herzog, who landed in Bahrain. According to images shared on his Twitter account, Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif al-Zayani met Mr. Herzog at the airport.

Mr. Herzog stated that he would address ways to enhance overall economic cooperation as well as climate change and security problems while being supported by an economic commission.

Abu Dhabi is the next destination where Mr. Herzog would next go. Mr. Herzog tweeted that he appeal to other governments in the surrounding area to join this collaboration and help in strengthening the Middle East.

The growing peace in the Middle East is highly significant, particularly because of the dangers to regional and global stability. There is only one solution to hatred, danger, and terror: forming partnerships with allies.

Israel and Bahrain finalized a military deal in February of this year. Naftali Bennett was the first Israeli prime who travel to Bahrain.

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