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India Take on Terrorists at the United Nation Security Council

by Nidhi
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India In UN

A report issued by India at the United Nations (UN) Security Council highlighted that the practice of defining terrorist activities by the intention of religious or ideological means will weaken the united global commitment to preventing terrorism and this type of thing needs to stop immediately.

The message highlighted that terrorism cannot be connected to any particular faith, nation, civilization, or ethnic group and that all acts of terrorism are unlawful. All avatars and expressions of terrorism must be rejected. No act of terrorism can be excused or justified, regardless of the cause, terrorists can no longer be categorized as evil, or good depending on political purposes.

India suggests holding a briefing of the Security Council about the principles and future of the global counter-terrorism strategy under the heading of threats to global peace and security brought on by terrorist activities. In a letter to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres before the meeting, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ruchira Kamboj, requested that a concept paper be meant to direct the Security Council’s debates.

Terrorist attacks have also occurred in various locations across West Asia and Africa, as well as in London, Mumbai, and Paris. The assaults, it said, serve as a strong reminder that everyone is vulnerable to terrorism and that terrorism in one area has a significant negative influence on peace and security in other areas.

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