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IndiGo Ordered to Compensate Bengaluru Couple: Vacation Ruined

by Sana Gori
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IndiGo: The Unfortunate Incident

In a recent legal development, a Bengaluru couple has successfully sued IndiGo airlines for a disrupted vacation experience. The court ordered IndiGo to pay ₹70,000 in compensation due to the delayed delivery of the couple’s checked-in luggage during their trip to Port Blair.

Vacation Plans Derailed

The incident unfolded in November 2021 when the couple embarked on a vacation to Port Blair, booking tickets with IndiGo for their journey. However, upon reaching their destination, they were met with dismay as their checked-in luggage, containing crucial items like clothes, medicines, and ferry tickets, failed to arrive at Port Blair airport.

Allegations Against IndiGo

Lack of Communication

The aggrieved couple alleged that IndiGo was aware of the failure to load their luggage during departure but neglected to inform them. This lack of communication exacerbated the chaos and inconveniences faced by the couple upon reaching Port Blair.

Delayed Baggage Arrival

Although the checked-in baggage eventually reached Port Blair on November 2, it could not be promptly delivered to the couple. The ferry transporting their luggage to Havelock Island had already departed. Consequently, the couple endured two days of inconvenience before finally receiving their belongings on November 3, 2021.

Consumer Redressal Commission Intervention

A year after the incident, the couple approached the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Bengaluru, seeking compensation for the disruptions to their vacation caused by the delayed luggage.


Court’s Verdict

On September 26, 2023, the Bengaluru consumer court ruled in favor of the complainant, directing IndiGo to pay ₹70,000 in compensation within 45 days. The court further stipulated that any delay in payment would incur interest at the rate of 9% per annum.

Breakdown of Compensation

The compensation structure comprises ₹50,000 as compensation, an additional ₹10,000 for the mental distress endured by the couple, ₹10,000 for litigation costs, and ₹5,000 for the expenses incurred by the couple in purchasing clothes and essentials at Port Blair before the arrival of their luggage.

This legal outcome serves as a reminder of the responsibility airlines hold in ensuring seamless travel experiences for passengers, emphasizing the consequences they may face for lapses in service delivery.

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