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Jatinder Mahuana is a famous Singer and Artist from Punjab now settled in Sydney,Australia

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Jatinder Mahuana

Jatinder Mahuana is a famous Singer and Artist from Punjab,now settled in Sydney,Australia. He was born on 24 July 1980 in a small village near Fazilka,Punjab. Jatinder Mahuana not only rules the world with his astonishing lyrics and hard work but also the hearts and minds of all the artists in the Punjabi music industry in Australia.
he has reached great heights in the music industry with his hard work. According to the source, it has been revealed that Jatinder Mahuana is preparing his new songs in Australia. Jatinder Mahuana is also going to collaborate with some very famous singers in Australia.The source also stated that this is just the beginning and says that his hard work and dedication towards meaningful lyrics and songs will pay dividends very shortly and make him a very famous lyricist and singer in all over the world. He doesn’t consider himself a star Punjabi lyricist,singer or an actor yet,however Jatinder Mahuana is talked about in almost all corners of the music industry in Australia,his songs have settled in people’s hearts completely, and he released two of his video song a while ago, which got great response from people all over the globe.The source stated that he will come up with more new projects soon.

Sources have learned that Jatinder Mahuana has been working on his upcoming songs for a long time. He has gone to various parts of Australia and NewZealnd to source new locations to shoot his songs. If we look at the post on his Instagram and Facebook, then we get to see the caption of the post is very long. He was asked about it in an interview about lost love to which he replied that there was someone whom he loved very much but she is no longer in Jatinder’s life.
Jatinder also stated that after receiving a huge positive feedback about his appearance in turban that he has started wearing turban more and more and that he will release all the projects wearing a turban from now.Needless to say After hearing the response Jatinder Mahuana has given,all his fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming projects and new songs.

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