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Kangana Ranaut’s Bilkis Bano Film Faces Streaming Platform Resistance

by Ayushi Veda
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Kangana Ranaut and Bilkis Bano

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut recently disclosed that she has a script ready for a film based on the life of Bilkis Bano, popularly known as the ‘Shaheen Bagh Dadi.’ However, Ranaut expressed her frustration over the lack of support from top film studios, including Netflix and Prime Video, citing their reluctance to venture into politically motivated films.

In a candid revelation, Kangana Ranaut shared that she has been passionate about bringing Bilkis Bano’s inspiring story to the silver screen. Bilkis Bano gained prominence during the anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, becoming a symbol of resilience and resistance.

Despite her enthusiasm for the project, Ranaut highlighted the challenges she faced when approaching major streaming platforms. According to Ranaut, both Netflix and Prime Video discouraged her from pursuing politically motivated films, signaling a reluctance to back projects with overt political themes.

Ranaut’s revelation sheds light on the nuanced dynamics within the entertainment industry, where filmmakers often encounter resistance when exploring politically sensitive narratives. The actress, known for her outspoken views, expressed disappointment at what she perceives as a lack of willingness among top studios to support projects that delve into real-world political issues.

About Kangana Ranaut

The actress, who has been vocal about her experiences and opinions on social and political matters, emphasized the importance of telling stories that reflect the socio-political fabric of the nation. Bilkis Bano’s journey, marked by resilience and courage, serves as a compelling narrative that Ranaut believes deserves cinematic representation.

The challenges faced by Kangana Ranaut in securing support for her Bilkis Bano project bring attention to the broader industry trends and the potential hesitancy of major studios to engage with politically charged content. While streaming platforms have become powerful platforms for storytelling, the reluctance to embrace narratives with political undertones raises questions about the extent to which socio-political stories are deemed commercially viable.

As discussions around political narratives in cinema continue, Ranaut’s revelation adds a new dimension to the ongoing dialogue about creative freedom, industry dynamics, and the responsibility of filmmakers to reflect the diverse and complex realities of society. The anticipation now lingers on whether Ranaut’s passion project will find a platform and resonate with audiences eager for stories that go beyond the conventional realms of entertainment.

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