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Kareena Kapoor on Saif’s Diljit Dosanjh fandom

by Ayushi Veda
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Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor recently shared insights into Saif Ali Khan’s admiration for Diljit Dosanjh during a conversation. She expressed Saif’s newfound fondness for Diljit, labeling him as the “biggest” fan. Kapoor also addressed a viral comment made by Dosanjh during a performance at an Ambani pre-wedding bash, where they captivated the audience with their lively rendition.

The revelation came as Kapoor discussed Saif’s evolving taste in music and his appreciation for Dosanjh’s work. She noted that Saif’s admiration for Diljit has grown significantly over time, portraying him as an enthusiastic supporter of the Punjabi singer-actor.

During the interaction, Kapoor also addressed a memorable moment from their performance at the Ambani event. Diljit Dosanjh’s playful remark, “Hogi Beyonce, hogi Rihanna” (There will be Beyonce, there will be Rihanna), went viral on social media platforms. Kapoor responded to this, highlighting the fun-filled atmosphere of the occasion and the audience’s positive reception to their act.

The duo’s energetic performance at the Ambani pre-wedding celebration garnered widespread attention, with their chemistry and stage presence earning praise from fans and onlookers alike. Kapoor’s comments shed light on the camaraderie shared between her, Saif, and Diljit during the event, showcasing the warmth and camaraderie among the Bollywood stars.

Siaf’s New Favourite: Diljit Dosanjh

Kareena Kapoor’s revelation about Saif Ali Khan’s admiration for Diljit Dosanjh adds a new dimension to their relationship, showcasing the diverse interests and connections within the film industry. It highlights the mutual respect and appreciation shared among actors for their colleagues’ talents and achievements.

As Kapoor’s remarks continue to make rounds on social media, fans eagerly anticipate more collaborations and interactions between the Bollywood stars. The incident serves as a reminder of the light-hearted moments and camaraderie prevalent in the entertainment industry, offering a glimpse into the personal dynamics of their professional lives.

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