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Samsung To Support Satellite Communication For Smartphones

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Samsung has developed a new technology that allows smartphone users to send data via satellite, paving the way for increased connectivity in remote areas. The new modem technology enables two-way messaging, including sending photos and videos, which was previously limited to emergencies. This development is part of the race among tech companies to connect phones to non-terrestrial networks. The launch of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro by Apple, which features satellite connectivity for off-grid communication, has forced other companies to adapt and develop satellite communication technology for their smartphones. This move by Apple has increased competition in the industry and has prompted other companies to invest in satellite communication technology to keep up with the trend.

While satellite phones are not very common and only used by special individuals, the integration of satellite communication technology into smartphones will greatly benefit people living in areas with poor or no terrestrial network coverage. In these areas, mobile phone signals are either weak or non-existent, making communication difficult, if not impossible. By integrating satellite communication technology into smartphones, individuals in remote areas can have access to communication and data services that were previously unavailable to them.

The benefits of satellite communication technology go beyond just voice and data services. It also enables individuals to access essential services such as healthcare and education. In areas where medical facilities are far away, telemedicine services can be accessed through satellite communication technology. Similarly, students in remote areas can access online education services using satellite communication technology, which will go a long way in bridging the education divide between urban and rural areas.

The integration of satellite communication technology into smartphones will also benefit individuals who travel to remote areas for work or leisure. Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers can now have access to communication and data services, making their trips safer and more enjoyable. This technology can also be used during natural disasters or emergencies when terrestrial networks are disrupted, enabling individuals to send and receive messages, make calls, and access critical information. So it looks like this technology will change the face of Smartphone communication in upcoming years.

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