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Scientists Fill in the Remaining 8% of Human DNA, Completing the Human Genome Project-Write

by Ayushi Veda
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Scientists have finally filled in the remaining 8% of human DNA that had remained a mystery for decades. The project, known as the Human Genome Project-Write (HGP-Write), has been a collaborative effort involving researchers from around the world.

The HGP-Write project was initiated in 2016 with the aim of synthesizing the entire human genome from scratch. The project was seen as a natural continuation of the Human Genome Project. And it had successfully sequenced the entire human genome in 2003.

The HGP-Write project faced significant challenges, including the sheer size of the human genome, which consists of 3 billion base pairs. Researchers also had to contend with ethical issues related to creating synthetic human DNA.

Despite these challenges, the project made significant progress over the years. The researchers synthesizing large chunks of human DNA and testing them in various organisms. In 2022, the project achieved a major milestone by synthesizing the remaining 8% of the human genome that had remained a mystery.

The completion of the human genome is expected to have significant implications for biomedical research, including the development of new treatments for genetic diseases. Scientists will now be able to study the entire human genome in detail, which will help in identifying disease-causing mutations and developing targeted therapies.

The completion of the human genome is also expected to raise ethical questions about the use of synthetic DNA. Some experts have raised concerns about the potential misuse of synthetic DNA for nefarious purposes. For example creating genetically engineered organisms or even humans.

In response, the researchers involved in the HGP-Write project have emphasized the need for responsible use of synthetic DNA. Lastly, have called for an open and transparent dialogue on the issue.

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