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Shaitaan Movie Review: Ajay Devgn’s Familiar Territory

by Ayushi Veda
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Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn ventures into the realm of horror-thrillers with his latest flick, Shaitaan. Drawing comparisons to his previous hit, Drishyam, Devgn delivers a performance reminiscent of his acclaimed role. However, despite his efforts, the film falls short of expectations, failing to offer anything groundbreaking.

The plot revolves around a haunted mansion and a family grappling with supernatural occurrences. Devgn essays the role of a determined father, reminiscent of his character in Drishyam, as he strives to protect his loved ones from the malevolent forces lurking within the house. While his portrayal is convincing, the storyline follows a predictable trajectory, offering little in terms of suspense or originality.

The film’s supporting cast, including Ileana D’Cruz and Sharad Kelkar, delivers competent performances, but their characters lack depth and fail to leave a lasting impression. The screenplay, although peppered with jump scares and eerie visuals, feels formulaic, relying heavily on tired tropes of the horror genre.

Director Rajkumar Santoshi fails to infuse the narrative with the tension and intrigue required to sustain audience engagement. The pacing is sluggish, and the plot twists lack impact, leaving viewers underwhelmed. Despite its promising premise, Shaitaan struggles to maintain momentum, ultimately succumbing to clichés and predictability.

The technical aspects of the film, including cinematography and sound design, are commendable, effectively creating an atmosphere of dread and foreboding. However, these elements alone cannot compensate for the film’s lackluster storytelling and uninspired direction. Despite its shortcomings, Shaitaan does have its moments of excitement and occasional scares, making it a passable watch for fans of the horror genre. However, those expecting a gripping narrative or memorable performances may find themselves disappointed.

Shaitaan offers little beyond a rehash of familiar themes and plot devices. While Ajay Devgn’s performance adds some semblance of intrigue, it is not enough to salvage the film from its shortcomings. With its predictable storyline and lackluster execution, Shaitaan fails to leave a lasting impression, ultimately fading into the background of forgettable horror-thrillers.

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