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Southwest Monsoon 2023 Makes Onset over India,Kerala, Tamil Nadu

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The eagerly awaited Southwest Monsoon has made its onset over India, marking the beginning of the much-needed rainy season. As predicted by the meteorological department, the monsoon arrived on schedule, first covering the southern parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, before progressing towards the Arabian Sea. This development brings hope and relief to farmers, as well as to the general population, who have been anxiously awaiting the monsoon’s arrival.

The Southwest Monsoon is the primary rainy season in India, accounting for over 70% of the country’s annual rainfall. Its timely onset is crucial for agriculture, as it provides the necessary moisture for crop cultivation. The monsoon’s arrival in the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu is a promising sign, as these regions heavily rely on agriculture for their livelihoods.

The monsoon’s progress over the Arabian Sea is equally significant. The Arabian Sea is a vital region for rainfall distribution in the Indian subcontinent. As the monsoon advances over this area, it brings much-needed moisture to the western coast of India, including states like Maharashtra, Goa, and Gujarat. These regions have been experiencing water scarcity and drought-like conditions in recent months, making the arrival of the monsoon a welcome relief.

The onset of the Southwest Monsoon also has broader implications beyond agriculture. It plays a crucial role in replenishing water reservoirs, rivers, and lakes, which are essential for drinking water supply and hydroelectric power generation. The monsoon’s arrival brings hope for improved water availability and hydropower generation in the coming months.

While the monsoon’s onset is a positive development, it is important to remember that the progress and distribution of rainfall throughout the season can vary. It is crucial for the meteorological department to closely monitor the monsoon’s advancement and provide timely forecasts to help farmers plan their agricultural activities and for the public to be prepared for any potential weather-related challenges.

The Southwest Monsoon has made its onset over India, covering the southern parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and the Arabian Sea. This is a promising start to the rainy season, providing relief to farmers and hope for improved water availability. However, it is essential to remain vigilant and adapt to any variations in rainfall patterns throughout the monsoon season.

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