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The Country Needs Strong Election Commissioner

by Nidhi
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Supreme court takes on election commissioner

On Wednesday The supreme court said that the country does not need a weak election commissioner who can’t take their own decision and fears The Prime Minister while taking their decision against them. Further said the election commissioner shouldn’t be a yes-man, they should be strong enough to handle any kind of situation even against the government.

The court judges decided that an election commissioner has to be one who can take a stand even putting his life in danger and not a weak “yes-man” who would follow orders from the government. Justice K.M. Joseph states that the EC follows government orders, shares his point of view, have a deep knowledge of philosophy and ideas, and has job security but where is the actual integrity of the election commissioner goes, the most crucial factor of this argument: is whether or not EC ( Election Commissioner ) is truly independent!

The government was given 24 hours by the court to provide the paperwork appointing former IAS officer Arun Goel as Election Commissioner. 

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