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Tragedy: SUV Crash Claims Lives of Indian-Origin Families in Australia

by Sana Gori
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Devastating Tragedy Strikes Melbourne

The heart-wrenching incident occurred when a luxury SUV collided with a bustling outdoor dining area at a local pub in Melbourne, Australia, resulting in a grievous tragedy that claimed the lives of five members from two Indian-origin families, including two children.

Tragedy: Fatalities and Injuries

Vivek Bhatia, aged 38, along with his 11-year-old son Vihan, and Pratibha Sharma, aged 44, alongside her nine-year-old daughter Anvi and her partner Jatin Chugh, aged 30, were among those who lost their lives when a white BMW SUV veered onto the front lawn of the Royal Daylesford hotel on Sunday evening. This tragedy struck as Sharma’s family was holidaying with Bhatia’s family. Bhatia’s wife, Ruchi (36), and their six-year-old son Abeer, faced critical injuries and were rushed to the hospital. Abeer, after receiving essential medical attention, is now in a stabilized condition.

Vihan, Pratibha Sharma, daughter Anvi, and her partner Jatin Chugh,

Driver’s Condition and Legal Proceedings

The driver’s attorney highlighted his client’s diabetic condition that necessitated immediate medical attention at the crash site. Stressing the absence of a criminal record, the attorney noted the driver’s negative blood alcohol test and conveyed the driver’s empathy for the victims’ families and the community.

Devastating Tragedy Strikes Melbourne

Heartbreaking Final Conversation

Sharma’s family shared their final conversation, recollecting her excitement as she shared holiday plans. Hours before the accident, she assured her parents she’d return home early, making the sudden loss all the more heartbreaking for her family and the Indian community.

Sharma: A Dedicated Community Member

Sharma, a committed Australian Sikh Support group member, contributed significantly to community initiatives, including a bid for the Victorian parliament. Her journey from a migration agent to a lawyer spoke volumes about her dedication and achievements.

Community in Mourning

The tragedy deeply affected the Daylesford community. The Indian community, joined by well-wishers, expressed profound grief and condolences on social media, acknowledging the immense loss and recognizing the contributions of those lost in the tragic incident.

The loss of these lives has significantly impacted the local and Indian communities, commemorating the invaluable contributions and lamenting the tragic loss of these individuals.

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