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Adorable Baby Mola Fish: A Rare Underwater Delight

by Sana Gori
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Baby Mola Fish Duo Spotted Swimming off Canada’s Pacific Coast

In a surprising discovery off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, scuba diver Timothy Manuelides encountered an extraordinary sight – two baby mola fish swimming together. The rare event was documented in a captivating video shared with the Marine Education & Research Society.

Unique Marine Encounter

The footage showcases the baby mola fish swimming gracefully in the waters North of Port Hardy. The Marine Education & Research Society highlighted that the juveniles were approximately 60 cm (1.9 ft) across. Notably, one of the fish displayed an injury on its tail. The video provides a glimpse of the impressive speed at which mola fish can navigate, dispelling misconceptions about their pace.

Insights from Marine Biologist

Marianne Nyegaard, a marine biologist specializing in ocean sunfishes and a research associate at the Auckland Museum in New Zealand, offered insights into the sighting. She identified the fish as very young Mola mola, noting the distinctive angular look that signifies their early stage of development.

Characteristics of Mola Fish

The Marine Education & Research Society clarified common misconceptions about mola fish behavior. While they may appear slow at the surface when “sunning” to warm up from colder, deeper waters, mola fish can exhibit remarkable speed. Additionally, they can remain fairly stationary at the surface, attracting birds like albatross for parasite removal.

Social Media Response

The video, shared on Facebook on October 23, has garnered nearly 7,000 views, along with numerous likes and comments from intrigued viewers. Comments express awe and excitement at the unique appearance of the fish, with some sharing personal encounters with these fascinating creatures.

Community Reactions

Community members engaged with the post, with one individual expressing amazement at the video and another sharing a personal encounter with a large mola fish in the Mediterranean. The overall sentiment reflects appreciation and wonder at the extraordinary marine encounter captured by Timothy Manuelides.

The sighting of two baby mola fish off Canada’s Pacific coast adds another layer of fascination to the diverse marine life thriving in the region.

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