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Amazon To Bring Prime Lite Membership To India

by Nidhi
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Amazon Prime has just revealed a new subscription service for customers in India — Prime Lite. This subscription launched as a Beta version (for selected Prime members) with an introductory price of ₹999 per year. This marks a significant drop in pricing compared to the original yearly Amazon Prime subscription (Rs 1,499). The question, then, is what does Prime Lite provide users in comparison to the original offering?

The answer lies in the details released by the company. According to the website, users will still be able to access all the Amazon Prime Video content. There won’t be any reductions or restrictions in the content offered between Prime Video and Prime Lite. However, Prime Lite members will be exempt from Amazon Prime Music access, and e-books. These are the other features included in a regular Amazon Prime account.

But it will still include access to exclusive deals from Amazon and early access to sales. Inside Prime Video, users will not get access to full features like HD playback or an ad-free experience. That being said, it seems like Prime Lite is a great option for those who want to save money while still being able to access Amazon Prime Video content. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that when it comes to other Prime-exclusive services, nothing beats the full Amazon Prime experience.

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