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Gorilla Glass Victus 2 With Better Glass Resistance

by Nidhi
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In the beginning, it is a tough task to handle your precious smartphone, one careless move and you end up with a broken screen which costs almost the half amount of your phone to get it working again. But with time and as technology progressed, we started to see more and more durable smartphones which were strong enough to sustain even bigger crashes. A huge reason for this durability goes to Corning. The company with its constant research has come up with the latest technology when it comes to providing the endurance required for a smartphone screen. Two years ago, concerning come up with a brand new glass called Victus. It was a game changer as it was capable of surviving a drop even from a 2-meter height. It was the best offering by Corning that year. It was followed by another glass the very next year. Now Corning has again outdone itself by Victus 2. We will be seeing phones with Victus 2 in the upcoming year.

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