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Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain Stick to Home-Cooked Food on Paris Vacation

by Ayushi Veda
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Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain

Ankita Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain made headlines recently when the actress revealed their unconventional dining preferences during their vacation in Paris. In a candid admission, Lokhande shared that she and Jain opted for the comfort of home-cooked food, bringing along “thepla and achaar” from home instead of indulging in the diverse culinary offerings of the French capital.

The revelation offered a glimpse into the couple’s culinary habits, with Lokhande explaining that they are hesitant to venture beyond familiar tastes and prefer the familiarity of their own cuisine. The decision to bring along traditional Indian fare on their trip abroad sparked a mix of reactions from fans and followers, with many expressing surprise and amusement at the unconventional dining choice.

While Paris is renowned for its gourmet dining scene and diverse culinary options, Lokhande and Jain’s preference for home-cooked food reflects their attachment to their roots and traditional flavors. Despite being in a city known for its gastronomic delights, the couple opted for the comfort and familiarity of dishes prepared in their own kitchen.

Lokhande’s candid admission about their dining habits sheds light on the couple’s approach to travel and their priorities when it comes to food. Rather than seeking out new and exotic cuisines, they find comfort and satisfaction in the simple pleasures of home-cooked meals, even when exploring new destinations.

Not Forgetting Their Foods

The actress’s revelation also sparked a conversation about the importance of preserving cultural and culinary traditions, even in an increasingly globalized world. Lokhande and Jain’s decision to bring along “thepla and achaar” on their Paris vacation reflects a desire to stay connected to their heritage and culinary roots, even when far from home.

While some may view their dining choice as unconventional or even humorous, it ultimately speaks to the couple’s values and priorities. For Lokhande and Jain, the comfort of familiar flavors and the warmth of home-cooked meals outweigh the allure of exotic cuisines and gourmet dining experiences.

As Lokhande continues to share glimpses of her personal life with fans, her candid admission about her dining habits offers a refreshing perspective on travel, food, and the importance of staying true to oneself. In a world filled with culinary adventures and gastronomic trends, Lokhande and Jain’s preference for “thepla and achaar” serves as a reminder of the power of simplicity and the beauty of home-cooked meals, no matter where life takes them.

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