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Priyanka Chopra Credits Mom and Mother-in-Law for Daughter’s Care in Their Absence

by Ayushi Veda
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Priyanka Chopra, the renowned Bollywood actress, has revealed that her mother, Madhu Chopra, and mother-in-law, Denise Jonas, take care of their daughter, Malti, whenever she and her husband Nick Jonas are away.

In a heartwarming admission, Chopra acknowledges the pivotal role her mother and mother-in-law play in ensuring the well-being of their beloved daughter when they are not present. The shared responsibility reflects the strong bond and support within the family.

Chopra’s revelation sheds light on the importance of family support and the active involvement of grandparents in raising children. Malti is fortunate to have two loving and dedicated grandmothers who step in to provide care and nurture in her parents’ absence.

The actress, known for her successful career and global influence, emphasizes the significance of maintaining a balance between work commitments and family life. Chopra’s trust in her mother and mother-in-law highlights their capability and the trust she has in them to care for Malti.

More About Chopra’s Family

Madhu Chopra and Denise Jonas’ role in looking after Malti showcases the unity and collaboration within the extended family. It exemplifies the support system that enables Chopra and Jonas to pursue their professional endeavors while ensuring their daughter receives love and care at all times.

Chopra’s open acknowledgment of her mother and mother-in-law’s involvement also serves as an inspiration to other working parents, emphasizing the importance of a strong support network in managing the responsibilities of parenthood.

The actress and her musician husband, Nick Jonas, often lead busy lives with demanding schedules, leaving little room for parenting duties. However, with the presence of Madhu and Denise, the couple can rest assured that their daughter is in capable and loving hands.

Chopra’s statement resonates with many families who rely on the support of grandparents or extended family members to balance career aspirations with parental responsibilities. It highlights the significance of maintaining strong family ties and cherishing the contributions of every family member.

As Priyanka Chopra continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, her heartfelt appreciation for her mother and mother-in-law’s involvement in Malti’s life serves as a beautiful reminder that success and family can go hand in hand, with love and support being the key ingredients in raising a happy and healthy child.

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