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Army Day To Move Out From Delhi

by Nidhi
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We can all agree there’s no better way of honoring our dedicated and selfless armed forces than with a grand celebration. This year marks the 75th Army Day, which is celebrated annually on January 15th in honor of K. M. Cariappa, the Lieutenant General of the Indian Army. Over the years, the Indian Army has achieved numerous milestones and served the country with strength, courage, and honor. From wars and skirmishes to natural disasters and serving in international peacekeeping operations, they have never faltered in accomplishing difficult tasks.

Army Day has been celebrated every year in Delhi since 1949, with an impressive parade to commemorate the valiant deeds of our soldiers. For the first time in its history, this year’s Army Day parade was shifted to Bengaluru. This is a welcomed move from the government as it brings the grandeur of the event to different parts of the nation and further highlights the gallantry and unwavering dedication of the soldiers.

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