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Delhi Won’t Have Below Zero Temperature

by Nidhi
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Winter has been quite long this year and it’s still lingering in most parts of India, especially in Delhi. Things are not looking good as the India Meteorological Department has predicted that a cold wave will sweep through Delhi between January 16 and 18.

The minimum temperature at Ayanagar and Ridge may fall to a chilling 3 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday. This cold wave is further fuelled by icy cold winds from the north that have already started to create a chill in Rajasthan and Gujarat. People were expecting temperatures to dip as low as 4 degrees Celsius in Delhi, but thankfully this did not happen.

The Delhiites who have already been in the grip of cold weather all season long can expect the situation to stay the same next week. Even though temperatures will not be extremely below freezing, (which was a rumor floating on the internet) Staying warm has become a big task for the Delhiites. Although there is not much one can do about the weather, it is important to keep oneself warm at all times. Delhi needs to brace itself for yet another cold week. However, it is likely that after these three days, the temperatures will start to rise, offering some relief to the citizens of the capital

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