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Australia’s Optus CEO Resigns Following Network Outage

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In a significant development in the wake of a nationwide network outage, Australia’s second-largest telecommunications provider, Optus, has announced the resignation of its CEO, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin. The outage, which occurred on November 8, left millions of customers without phone and internet service for up to 14 hours, causing widespread disruption and frustration.

Bayer Rosmarin, who had been Optus CEO since 2020, stepped down after facing mounting pressure from the company’s board and the public. The outage was attributed to a series of technical failures, including a software update that went awry.

The resignation comes as Optus is conducting a review of the outage and its aftermath. The company has also pledged to improve its communication with customers during future network disruptions.

Impact of the Outage

The Optus network outage had a significant impact on individuals and businesses across Australia. Millions of people were unable to make or receive calls, access the internet, or use essential services that rely on telecommunications infrastructure.

The outage also had a financial impact on businesses, with many reporting lost revenue and productivity. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry estimated that the outage cost the Australian economy billions of dollars.

Public and Regulatory Scrutiny

The Optus network outage sparked public outcry and calls for increased scrutiny of telecommunications companies. The company faced criticism for its handling of the outage, with many questioning the time it took to restore services and the adequacy of its communication with customers.

The Australian Communications and Consumer Authority (ACCC) launched an investigation into the outage, seeking to determine the full extent of the disruption and the steps Optus took to address it. The ACCC has the power to impose significant penalties on telecommunications companies that fail to meet their obligations to consumers.

CEO’s Resignation and the Path Forward

Bayer Rosmarin’s resignation is seen as a step towards addressing the concerns raised by the outage and restoring public trust in Optus. The company’s board has appointed Michael Venter, Optus’ Chief Financial Officer, as interim CEO.

The company has also announced a number of measures to improve its resilience and prevent future outages. These measures include investing in new infrastructure, enhancing its network monitoring capabilities, and strengthening its communication protocols.

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