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Case on Elon Musk for Converting Office into Bedrooms

by Ayushi Veda
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There is a complaint against Elon Musk for illegally converting his office into bedrooms. He did so because his employees could take a rest in the office on-site. Ever since this, Twitter is recklessly getting up with so many cases already.

Recently more than half of his employees are sidelined when he took over the company on a purge initiation at twitter. And talking about the current situation, some of his workers are even taking his SpaceX and Tesla projects to court.

While these all things are happening a complaint of Musk making his office a bedroom is also going on. The lawyer, Shannon Liss Riordan is leading the case. He stated that “It is very concerning that the richest man in the world thinks that he can walk all over employ rights and doesn’t have to follow the law. We intend to hold him accountable”.

The lawyer also states that some employees are not even getting the compensation that was promised before. Other such cases of his staff involve taking the task as his vision or taking a three-month salary and quitting. Even Musks working from home are being resisted despite having health issues.

Due to such reasons many employees and workers have filed a complaint. This is happening because before joining the company, they were not informed about such conditions. All the employees and workers are demanding to get what they deserved.

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