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China Eases Covid Restriction

by Nidhi
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Since the advent of COVID, the life of billions across the world has been changed. When the pandemic was at its peak, the world witnessed something that no one had expected to see. The Lockdowns. It was something that was very difficult and left a long-lasting psychological effect whose consequences are yet to be studied. With the advent of vaccines, things took a positive turn, and slowly life went back to normal. But for China, the pandemic came with a catastrophe. The country still suffers from the virus and the government has gone full authoritarian on its citizens. With its harsh zero Covid policy, the country made many cities like an open jail. This policy was met with extreme resistance with a large number of protests across many areas of the country. Now the Chinese government has eased some restrictions in the cities of  Guangzhou and Chongqing. It is not confirmed whether the ease has been provided due to the recent protest in many parts of the country or not. The reaction of the public is also to be seen in this decision of the Chinese government.

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