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The New Alzheimer’s Drug

by Nidhi
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Alzheimer’s is a kind of mental disorder diseases that weakens the thinking, behavior, and memory of a person. The major signs are confusion and memory loss that degenerate and damage the brain cell.

News of a drug’s ability in stopping the cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease patients recently discovered. Lecanemab, a medication developed jointly by Biogen and Eisai, was evaluated on people who had early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that moderate improvements are seen in terms of slowing the loss of cognitive and functional abilities.

Lecanemab is a member of the monoclonal antibody medication class. These antibody-mediated medications interfere with cell function by concentrating on beta-amyloid, the protein deposited in Alzheimer’s patients. In an editorial, The Lancet believes that a phase-3 study summary on clinical outcomes is especially important for the effective treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, however, the difference seen may not be clinically significant. Concern was also raised by the emergence of amyloid-related imaging abnormalities in one of five individuals. Lecanemab may not be the game-changer that some have claimed it to be, according to the editorial’s conclusion.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will make a final judgment on the Lecanemab Drug.

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