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Cold Wave To Diminish From January 10

by Nidhi
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It has been quite a few days since the cold wave gripped many parts of India. As temperatures shockingly dropped to as low as 1.9 Celsius in the national capital of Delhi, the nation stood in fear of a continued cold spell, bringing optimism to a standstill. The weather has truly been challenging till now. Finally, it seems warmth is finally here as the Indian Metrological Department (IMD) on Sunday forecasted that the cold wave and cold day conditions that had been persisting in the northern and northern parts of India will decrease in the next 48 hours. This change of tempo is owed to an oncoming Western Disturbance that will affect the weather in the northern states on the 10th of January.

This is undoubtedly a much-needed reprieve for those areas during this freezing period and will enable them to step out of their homes without agonizing over the varying weather conditions. But, this respite is can be temporary and the cold wave – or even a similar phenomenon in the upcoming days– may be experienced again, depending on the weather conditions. If the weather stays warm, it could very be mean the end of the cold season for this year. But it will only be clear in the upcoming few days.

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