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Paytm’s QR Codes for Donations Outside Temples: A Result of the 2018 Agreement

by Nidhi
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In 2018, Paytm entered into an agreement with the temple management committees across India to offer digital payments for donation collections. As part of the agreement, Paytm created QR codes that could be displayed outside the temples, enabling devotees to make donations with ease.

These QR codes have been a game-changer in the world of donation collections. Previously, devotees would have to wait in long queues and carry cash to donate at the temple. With the introduction of Paytm’s QR codes, the process has become much more convenient and efficient.

The QR codes display the name of the temple, the deity being worshipped, and the purpose of the donation. Devotees can scan the code using their Paytm app and make a donation directly from their mobile wallet. The entire process is secure, and the funds go directly to the temple’s bank account.

Since their introduction, Paytm’s QR codes have become increasingly popular outside temples across India. They have not only made the process of donation collection more convenient, but they have also helped to increase transparency and accountability in the collection process.

Moreover, Paytm has also introduced a feature that allows devotees to set up recurring donations, ensuring that they do not miss out on their regular contributions. This feature has been particularly beneficial for individuals who live far from the temple and cannot visit regularly.In conclusion, Paytm’s QR codes for donations outside temples have been a positive addition to the donation collection process.

They have not only made the process more convenient but have also increased transparency and accountability. Paytm’s commitment to digital payments has played a significant role in bringing about this change, and it is hoped that more such initiatives will be introduced in the future.

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