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Delhi-NCR Breathes a Collective Sigh of Relief as GRAP Stage-III Restrictions Lifted

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In a much-needed respite for the residents of Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), the Commission for Air Quality Management in NCR and Adjoining Areas (CAQM) has revoked Stage-III of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) with immediate effect. This decision comes as a significant relief to the region, which has been grappling with severe air pollution for the past few weeks.

Factors Contributing to Improved Air Quality

The improvement in air quality is attributed to a combination of factors, including favorable weather conditions and the implementation of various pollution control measures under GRAP stages I and II. The reduction in construction activities, the use of cleaner fuels, and the increased awareness among citizens have also played a role in improving the air quality.

GRAP: A Multi-Pronged Approach

The Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) is a comprehensive plan that outlines a set of measures to be implemented in response to deteriorating air quality. The plan is divided into four stages, with each stage becoming progressively stricter as the air quality worsens.

Stage-III of GRAP, which was invoked on November 5, 2023, included a number of stringent measures, such as the ban on construction activities, the closure of brick kilns, and the impoundment of polluting vehicles.

The Road Ahead

While the lifting of GRAP Stage-III restrictions is a positive development, it is important to remain vigilant and continue to take steps to prevent further deterioration of air quality. The CAQM will continue to monitor the air quality closely and will take further action if necessary.

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