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Did not contract Covid-19 ever?

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While three waves of the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a standstill, some people evaded contracting the viral infection altogether. During the pandemic popular terms like ‘Covid virgin’ or ‘Novid’ were used to designate the people who were never infected by the fatal virus. owever, at a time, when it was globally assumed the everybody is susceptible to coronavirus, albeit at various degrees of fatality, this remained a mystery how some people managed to avert the disease completely. 

Some theories attributed this to increased immunity while some said this could be genetic bonding of the said person. Is this phenomenon the secret to eradicating the coronavirus completely?

Researchers have suggested that one of these one in ten persons haven’t become ill from Covid-19. One might have become resistant to Covid-19 owing to vaccine, or better immunity. However, doctors continue to advise taking care and receiving your Covid-19 booster because of this.

Historical examples lend credence to the hypothesis that some individuals may already be immune. HIV, norovirus, and a parasite that causes recurrent malaria are all protected from by genetic alterations that provide natural immunity

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