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Drishyam-Like Murder In Ghaziabad

by Nidhi
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Movies have the power to inspire many things. From life-affirming moments to horror and chill, and everything in between, movies can leave an everlasting impact on people. Recently, in Ghaziabad, the thin line between fact and fiction has been blurred due to a real-life case reverberating to a popular movie. According to the police, a woman, allegedly murdered her husband with the help of her lover and another friend.

To cover up the crime, they buried the body in an under-construction plot and even built a septic tank on it. But unlike the movie this time, the police were able to find the body, which was not the case in the movie Drishyam. The woman and her lover were arrested on Saturday and the body was found at a site. The police are still searching for another accused.

The investigation began after, the deceased’s brother, reported the case to the police. With quick action, the police were able to crack the case in a short span of time.
This incident has left many people in shock and disbelief. The act of murder and trying to cover up the crime has affected people profoundly. People have started to think twice before watching a movie. A movie can inspire, motivate, and even entertain, but it can’t be used as an excuse for criminal activities.

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