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WhatsApp Testing A New Feature For iOS

by Nidhi
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With over a billion users, WhatsApp has become the world’s leading messaging application. This success is attributed to many factors, one being the constant improvements and new features that the platform offers over time. In the recent past, WhatsApp has been working on a new feature that will ease the recording of videos while using the app.

According to the leaked news, the latest version of the WhatsApp beta for iOS includes a “Recording Mode”, which will let users quickly capture and send videos in the chat. Right now, the app allows users to take and send pictures by clicking the camera icon within the app. For recording a video, users must tap and hold the camera icon to make a video call.

But, this option is not ideal for conditions where one needs to record a longer clip or when one’s in a hurry and can’t hold the button for a longer amount of time. The new feature is dubbed “Recording Mode” and is expected to provide an alternative option for recording videos and easily sending them in the chat without leaving. This enhanced feature will include a switch between camera and video modes so that users can record videos freely without having to go back and forth.

The planned feature update is expected to make it easier for people to quickly share their messages with friends and family without having to leave the chat. With this, people can easily capture moments such as festivals and holidays, or even share weekend activities with their near and dear ones without worry. This new updated feature is sure to make the life of WhatsApp users easier and simpler. The update will arrive soon after some testing.

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