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Gauri Khan’s Torii: A Luxurious Culinary Haven in Mumbai

by Ayushi Veda
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Gauri Khan

Renowned interior designer Gauri Khan has ventured into the hospitality industry with the launch of her first restaurant, Torii. The opulent space, located in Mumbai, exudes glamour and luxury, offering patrons an unforgettable dining experience.

Torii, named after the traditional Japanese gate, is a reflection of Gauri Khan’s impeccable taste and design aesthetic. The restaurant boasts a contemporary yet elegant ambiance, characterized by sleek lines, plush furnishings, and subtle lighting. Every detail has been carefully curated to create a welcoming atmosphere that transports guests into a world of sophistication and refinement.

Upon entering Torii, guests are greeted by a grand foyer adorned with tasteful artwork and intricate architectural details. The main dining area features spacious seating arrangements, accented by stylish décor elements and panoramic views of the surrounding cityscape. The restaurant’s chic bar area offers an impressive selection of fine wines, cocktails, and spirits, making it the perfect spot for pre-dinner drinks or post-meal celebrations.

Torii’s menu is a culinary journey through diverse flavors and culinary traditions, curated by renowned chefs who specialize in creating innovative and delectable dishes. From Japanese sushi and sashimi to Italian pastas and pizzas, the menu offers something for every palate, promising a gastronomic experience like no other.

All About Torii

In addition to its exceptional cuisine and ambiance, Torii also offers top-notch service, with a team of attentive staff dedicated to ensuring that every guest’s needs are met. Whether hosting a romantic dinner for two, a business luncheon, or a special celebration with friends and family, Torii promises to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on all who dine there.

Gauri Khan’s foray into the restaurant industry with Torii marks a new chapter in her illustrious career as a designer and entrepreneur. With its stunning interiors, delectable cuisine, and impeccable service, Torii is poised to become a premier dining destination in Mumbai, captivating discerning diners and setting new standards of excellence in the culinary world.

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